8 Core Everyday

Habits are more important than Talent

8 core is a system of creating successful habits

Deliberately, Repetitively, every day

  1. Reading Book
    ⦁ Reading books for growth and change
  2. Watch atomy videos everyday
    ⦁ Accelerate your learning everyday
  3. Participate in Meeting to recharge energy
    ⦁ Recharge Passion
  4. Using Atomy’s products 100%
    ⦁ Be a prosumer
  5. Introducing Atomy Business
    ⦁ Talk about Atomy vision, mission, Global business,  personal dream
  6. Introducing Atomy products to consumers
    ⦁ Build a consumer base of at least 50 families
  7. Consultation for direction of business
    ⦁ Mentoring, encourage rather than scold
  8. Building Trust
    ⦁ No money mismanages between sponsors and agents

Check 8 cores everyday