Why Atomy 为什么选择艾多美

The #1 reason for you to be an Atomy’s Builder is that it is an online direct marketing company that has it’s focused on YOUR success.

What is a “Network Marketing” or “Direct Marketing”?

Simply put, it means that products are being passed on to consumers directly from the factory at a low price without going through intermediate wholesalers or Retailers. Therefore, this is a WIN-WIN strategy for everyone in the network marketing. 

To achieve so, Atomy was initiated with the sole aim of becoming the world’s top supplier of health, cosmetics and personal care items. We are the Atomy520 and we want to help you to succeed in this business by imparting product knowledge, business strategy, leadership training.  

1. Organization & Vision

  • About Atomy

CEO Han-gill Park founded Atomy Co., Ltd in 2006. It started as a humble company with 10 people that he recruited in his first business sharing. Atomy first Imperial Master emerged among this group of 10 people in 2017. Mr. Park chose a network marketing aka direct selling system for product distribution in order to deliver absolute quality products at the absolute lowest price. Since then Atomy has launched it’s online global presence in

USACanadaJapanTaiwanSingapore, CambodiaPhilippinesMalaysia, Mexico, Thailand, Australia, Indonesia and Russia.

Atomy’s products come from the collaboration of two companies: The Korean Atomic Energy Institute (KAERI) and Kolmar Korea. Together, they launched the institutional venture company named Sun Bio Tech. In 2006, Sun Bio Tech became the first institutional venture company to be approved by the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology.

  • About KAERI: Research & Development

The Korean Atomic Energy Institute (KAERI) develops nuclear fusion and radiation fusion technology. They are responsible for the research and development of Sun Bio Tech. SBT is a government institution founded on February 3 in 1959 as Korea’s first comprehensive science and technology research institute in order to improve the quality of life of the general public. Over the past 50 years, KAERI has become the driving force behind Korea’s national economic growth and continues to promote strong economic growth by using nuclear as a major energy source. KAERI strengthening Korea’s industrial competitiveness through the transfer of advanced science and technology.

  • About Korea Kolmar: Technology / Capital Investment

Korea Kolmar Co., Ltd is an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and ODM (original design manufacturer) company that manufacture cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Korea Kolmar was established in May of 1990 and is one of nine worldwide Kolmar companies whose technologies and know-how have been developed over the past 92 years starting in Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA in 1921 as Kolmar.

2. Products: High Quality & Low Price Guaranteed!

Atomy is proud of bringing the highest quality products to customers by offering innovative products through direct/network marketing while at the same time keeping the price very low – Atomy have even beat out all retail shopping mall on many products in quality and price. Seriously speaking, this is unheard of in the direct marketing industry. Most direct marketing companies charge exorbitant prices for their products just to maximize the income potential of the distributors. With a lot of high pressure, this might work out for the distributor for a few months, but in the end, the customers feel like they were scammed and eventually he/she loses some of their friends, contacts and reputation. This is when the distributor finally gives up.

On the other hand, with Atomy, you feel good about the products you purchase and share with others. For example, the Atomy Absolute Skin Care System with the world’s best technology that penetrates down many skin levels retails for $299 (SGD) online, a similar skin care standard by the popular brand will easily cost over a thousand dollars.

3. Worldwide Market: One Membership is Your Ticket to the World.

Atomy’s company started in S. Korea and is now in USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Cambodia, Philippines, Malaysia, Mexico, Thailand, Australia, Indonesia and Russia. Atomy will launch into China in 2020. New markets are emerging on a yearly basis and once you are an Atomy member, you too can help sign up anyone in any of the opened countries under your Member ID Number. Hence, your growth potential becomes amazing!

4. No CostNo Risk – Joining Atomy is totally worth it!

  • Free Membership
  • No Registration Fee
  • No Monthly/Annual Fee
  • No Website Usage Fees
  • No Minimum Monthly Order
  • No Auto-Shipping; No Automatic Reordering
  • Classes in centers and One Day Seminar (4 hrs) are free
  • Success Academy (9 hrs) are at $40 (early bird) or $50, as breakfast, lunch and tea break are provided
  • One ID global network
  • Unlimited level point value accumulation
  • Personal accumulate point value valid for life
  • Down lines point value will not turn zero before commission is paid out
  • Master bonus payout when hit bi monthly sale target

Atomy only needs you to fulfill 2 requirements. They are:

  • You must be 18 or above to be able to join.
  • You only need to make a single purchase within a 12-month period to stay an active member, e.g. $12 for an 8-pack of toothbrushes.








首席执行官朴韩吉Han-gill Park)于2006年创立了Atomy Co.,Ltd。该公司最初是一家简陋的公司,只有10名会员,他是在第一次业务共享中招募的。 Atomy的第一个Imperial Master于2017年出现在这10人之中。朴先生选择了网络营销(又称为直销)系统进行产品分销,以便以绝对的最低价格交付绝对优质的产品。从那以后,艾多美(Atomy) 就开始在全球范围内开展在线业务


艾多美(Atomy) 的产品来自两家公司的合作:韩国原子能研究所(KAERI)和韩国科尔玛。他们共同创立了一家名为Sun Bio Tech的机构风险投资公司。 2006年,Sun Bio Tech成为第一家获得教育,科学和技术部批准的机构风险投资公司。


韩国原子能研究所(KAERI)开发核聚变和辐射聚变技术。他们负责Sun Bio Tech的研发。 SBT是一家政府机构,成立于1959年2月3日,是韩国第一家综合性科学技术研究院,旨在提高普通民众的生活质量。在过去的50年中,韩国原子能研究所(KAERI)已成为韩国国民经济增长的推动力,并通过使用核能作为主要能源来继续促进强劲的经济增长。 韩国原子能研究所(KAERI)通过转让先进的科学技术来增强韩国的工业竞争力。


韩国科马Kolmar Co.,Ltd是一家生产化妆品和药品的OEM(原始设备制造商)和ODM(原始设计制造商)公司。韩国Kolmar成立于1990年5月,是九个全球性Kolmar公司之一,其在过去92年中开发技术和专有技术的公司始于1921年在美国威斯康星州密尔沃基市为科马(Kolmar)。


艾多美(Atomy)通过直接/网络营销提供创新产品,同时保持极低的价格,为客户提供最优质的产品而自豪– 艾多美(Atomy)甚至在质量和价格上都击败了所有零售购物中心。认真地说,这在直销行业中是闻所未闻的。大多数直销公司为它们的产品收取高昂的价格,只是为了最大限度地提高分销商的收入潜力。承受着很大的压力,这可能会使经营者花上几个月的时间,但最终,客户感觉好像被骗了,最终他/她失去了一些朋友,联系人和声誉。这是经营者最终放弃的原因。



艾多美(Atomy) 的公司始于韩国,现在分布在美国,加拿大,日本,台湾,新加坡,柬埔寨,菲律宾,马来西亚,墨西哥,泰国,澳大利亚,印度尼西亚和俄罗斯。艾多美(Atomy)将于2020年进入中国。每年都有新市场出现,一旦您成为艾多美(Atomy) 会员,您还可以使用您的会员ID号码在任何开放的国家/地区注册任何人。因此,您的增长潜力变得惊人!

4.没有成本,没有风险–加入艾多美(Atomy)  是完全值得的!

  • 免费会员
  • 免收注册费
  • 无月费/年费
  • 无网站使用费
  • 无最低月度订单
  • 没有自动发货
  • 中心课程和一日研讨会(4小时)免费
  • 成功学院(9小时)收费40美元(早起的鸟儿)或50美元,提供早餐,午餐和茶歇
  • 一个账号的全球网络
  • 无限下线点数(PV)累积
  • 个人点数(PV)无归零
  • 支付佣金前,下线点数(PV)不会归零
  • 达到每月两次的销售目标时将获得大师奖金


  • 您必须年满18岁才能加入
  • 您只需在12个月内进行一次购买即可保持活跃的会员身份,例如8支装牙刷$ 12