My respond to Hemohim poisoning case in Hong Kong

My response to Hong Kong News regarding a poisoning case due to the consumption of HemoHIM.

Please do not panic because of this news. Here is my explanation.

  1. This news has not been verified. Thus there is a possibility that it is fake news.
  2. If this is a true case, don’t panic. It can be good news to Atomy or better news for Atomy and here is my explanation.
  3. HemoHIM, has been consumed by about a million people and globally sold thousand million boxes for more than 10 years. If there is poison of HemoHIM, it would have happened long ago.
  4. Health Agencies have gone through a stringent check to approve HemoHIM before it is allowed to be imported into their countries to be sold as a health supplement, including Singapore HSA and FDA from American.
  5. There are currently fake HemoHIM in the market circulating through 3rd party platforms. If this is a case of fake HemoHIM poisoning, it is good news to Atomy. From now on we have a good reason to ask consumers not to buy from 3rd party platforms.
  6. Furthermore, this news will make Atomy very popular. Only premium/valuable products will have counterfeit. This will make more consumers aware of Atomy. Hooray!!! Free publicity.
  7. Atomy is gaining popularity and it is a threat to many companies and industries. There is a high possibility of sabotage by competitors. This is within risk factor for a company that deals with food, health, and skincare products, thus usually these companies will have a budget for insurance to cover any mishap.
  8. After these light-hearted pointers, here come the serious points. What if it is a real case of food poisoning due to authentic HemoHIM.
  9. Hemohim is developed by KAERI, a world-class research institute backed up by Korea Government and manufactured by Kolmar, the largest OEM/ ODM manufacturer in Korea, both companies will do their best to defend Korea and their reputation. Atomy will not fight this alone.
  10. As mentioned, there will be insurance to cover for a mishap.
  11. In this case, 4 consumers were reported to be food poisoning out of the millions of consumers, the number is very low by today’s standard.
  12. I have high hope that this will be a case of fake products or sabotage.
  13. Please be patient and wait for the result of the investigation. In the meantime, stay calm and assure any concerned consumers if necessary with these pointers.

I have great faith in Atomy products and our family will continue to take HemoHIM and use Atomy products.

I am Alvin Lim from Atomy. These pointers are my own opinion and if you find them useful, please use them to defend Atomy.

我针对香港新闻关于食用 HemoHIM 中毒事件的回应。

 请不要因为这些消息而恐慌。 这是我的解释。

 1.此消息未经证实。 因此有可能是假新闻。

 2. 如果这是一个真实的案例,请不要惊慌。 这对艾多美来说可能是个好消息,或者对艾多美来说是更好的消息,这是我的解释。

 3、HemoHIM,10多年来,已被约百万人消费,全球销量上亿盒。 如果HemoHIM中有毒,早就发生了。

 4. HemoHIM 被允许进口到本国作为保健品销售之前,卫生机构都经过了严格的审查,批准了 HemoHIM,包括美国的 FDA 和新加坡的HSA.

 5、目前市场上有假HemoHIM通过第三方平台流通。 如果这是一起假HemoHIM中毒事件,对艾多美来说其实是一个好消息。 从现在开始,我们有充分的理由要求消费者不要从第三方平台购买。

 6.此外,这个消息将使艾多美非常受欢迎。 只有优质/有价值的产品才会有假冒产品。 这将使更多的消费者了解艾多美。 万岁!!! 免费宣传。

 7. 艾多美越来越受欢迎,它对许多公司和行业构成威胁。 被竞争对手破坏的可能性很高。 对于经营食品、健康和护肤产品的公司来说,这属于风险因素,因此通常公司会有保险预算来应对任何事故。

 8. 在这些轻松的提示之后,接下来是严肃的要点。 如果 HemoHIM 导致食物中毒是真实案例怎么办?

 9. Hemohim 是由韩国政府支持的世界级研究机构 KAERI 开发的,由韩国最大的 OEM/ODM 制造商 Kolmar 制造,两家公司将尽最大努力捍卫韩国和他们的声誉。 艾多美不会孤军奋战。

 10. 如前所述,将会有保险来承保事故。


 12. 我非常希望这会是一起假冒产品或蓄意破坏的案件。

 13、请耐心等待调查结果。 同时,请保持冷静,并在必要时可以用以上几点跟消费者解释以缓解消费者的焦虑。

 我对艾多美的产品很有信心,我们家人会继续服用 HemoHIM 并使用艾多美的产品。

 我是艾多美的 Alvin Lim。 这些提示是我个人的意见,如果您觉得有用,请用它来护卫艾多美。

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