Chairman Park Han Gil and The birth of Atomy

Mr. Park Han-Gil Earlier Video

Mr. Park Han-Gil (CEO of Atomy Korea), was diagnosed with 4th stage liver cancer and diabetes after his business failed and was declared bankrupt. He was given a death penalty by the doctor in the hospital who was also his friend. However, another friend recommended him to consume HemoHIM and he recovered after consuming them. One day he happened to watch a news broadcast on TV, that commented there was a cosmetics product (System 6) that was 100 times better than the existing cosmetics in the market place.

Seeing the news, Mr. Park Han Gil sneered at it, as he knew that the existing technology could not be possible. The reason for his doubt was because he once worked as a factory director in a cosmetics company and in order to improve the competitiveness of the product, he asked a technician to add more herbal ingredients to the product to improve the efficacy of the cosmetics, but the person in charge of the technology told him that there was a limit to how much active ingredients can be added into cosmetic products. Mr Park Han Gil asked why? The person in charge of technology said that if you want to put herbal ingredients in cosmetics, you need to heat the herbs to extract the active ingredients first, just like brewing Chinese herbs. However, the herbal extracts made in this way were black color and it will be impossible to add them into cosmetics without causing the cosmetics not to become dark in color? Therefore, the herbal ingredients added were extremely low in quantity.

Therefore, Mr. Park Han Gil was unable to believe the news broadcast report that KAERI developed a cosmetics product that was 100 times better than the existing cosmetics in the market. But at the same time, a scientist whom he knew and respected very much appeared in the news broadcast. He was Mr. Zhang Renshun, the president of the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI). Mr. Park Han Gil called to ask Director Zhang and he simply explained to him that the black color was eradicated through radiation, so unlimited herbal ingredients could be added into the cosmetics. Thereafter Mr. Park arranged an exclusive interview to meet Director Zhang the next day.

Mr. Park Han Gil met with Director Zhang at the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute the next day to learn more about the high-tech process that produces high-quality cosmetic products which were referred to as atom beauty cosmetics. (Atom 美)

After talking to Director Zhang, Mr. Park became interested in atom beauty (Atom 美), and two days later, Mr. Park met with President SBT’s Jin Zhifeng and learned that SBT had no sales experience, and for two-years, the sales situation was very discouraging. During those time, HemoHIM was sold by traditional agents. The retail price of HemoHIM in the market was chaotic. Some agents sold 770,000 won, some sold 1.3 million won, and some sold even more expensive and this is against the will of the government. The government hope to improve the health of its people through HemoHIM and at the same time, bring huge foreign exchange income to the country by developing an international market for both cosmetics and HemoHIM developed by Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute

However, the traditional sales method can only make some companies gain some profit but cannot bring huge benefits to the country.

After further communication, Mr. Park established ATOMY in August 2009, and signed an agreement with SBT to permanently distribute SBT products. To adhere to the principle of bringing huge economic income to the country and contributing to the health of the people, President Park boldly adopted the method of online direct sales (online shopping and direct sales), and Atomy was born!



看到新闻的朴韩吉先生对此嗤之以鼻,因为,朴韩吉先生曾经在一家化妆品公司当过厂长,深知现有的技术是不可能像电视里说所的那样夸张。朴先生在担任化妆品公司厂长的时候,为了提高产品的竞争力,他叫技术人员往 产品里添加更多的草本成份,想通过这种方法提高化妆品的功效,但是技术负责人说不能放太多的成份。朴先生问为什么?技术负责人说,如果想往化妆品里放草本成份,需先把草本加热提取成份,就像我们熬中药一样的道理,但是,这样熬制取出来的液体都是黑黑的,那个怎么放进化妆品里?所以用到草本成份都是极其少量的。

因此,电视里所播放比现有的化妆品好100倍的atom美艾多美化妆品开发出来的报道让朴韩吉先生没法相信。但这时电视 画面里出现了一位他非常尊敬的科学家,他就是当时的韩国原子力研究院院长张仁顺。朴先生就打电话问张所长 ,张所长简单地跟他说明:用放射线把黑色冲掉,所以化妆品里可以放无限的草本成分,详细的可以见面谈。


通过和张所长的谈话,朴先 生对atom美产生了兴趣,又过了两天朴先生见了SBT的金治峰社长,了解到SBT没有销售经验,2年的销售情况非常惨淡。 当时HEMOHIM保健品是传统代理商销售的方式,市场零售价格混乱,有的代理卖77万韩元,有的卖130万韩元,有的卖的更贵。这是违背政府的意愿,政府是希望通过HEMOHIM和韩国原子能研究院开发的化妆品,打开国际市场,给国家带来巨大的外汇收入,并且HEOMHIM为了国民的健康做出贡献。但是传统的销售方式只能使少数代理公司获得客观的收益,不能给国家带来应有的利益。 经过进一步沟通,2009年8月朴先生成立了ATOM美公司,和SBT公司签约永久总经销SBT的产品。为了坚持给国家带来巨大的经济收入和给国民健康做贡献的原则,朴社长大胆采用了网络直售(网购和直销)方式,Atom美公司由此应运而生!