How I prepared myself for the Covid vaccination and how did my body react to it?

I had my second dose of Covid vaccine and was resting at home for 2 days. I was feeling ok on my first day with a mild headache after 6 hrs. On my second day, I was so tired that I slept most part of the day and I developed a mild fever. On the third day, I was almost recovered and went to do marketing on my bicycle.

After I recovered, friends send their greetings after hearing that I was sick and another friend text me to say that I was allergic to the vaccine. I pondered for a while thinking to myself “Am I sick or am I allergic?” Technically I am not sick and I am not allergic to the vaccine.

Why I am not Sick?

Technically, to be sick, means that our body has been invaded by Pathogens e.g Virus and Bacteria and these pathogens’ can multiply themselves in our body that will cause harm to our body. Technically mRNA vaccine is not a living organism thus they are not able to multiply themselves to make me sick.

Having the sick symptom is just an immunity reaction.

If our immune system didn’t react to the mRNA, our body will not have sick symptoms and it will probably be broken down by our body’s enzyme, like any other protein. However, if our immune system is active, it will mount an attack to clear the mRNA.  mRNA is an Identification of the virus which is made up of protein. After that our immune system will keep a record of the RNA (ID) of the virus. If we contacted the real virus, our system is already trained to identify the virus and produce antibodies to capture the virus. After that, the immune cells will move in to destroy the virus.

So why I am having fever, headache, and all other sick symptoms e.g runny nose?

Having all these symptoms are part of our immune system working. Fever turn on our body’s immune system. They indicate that our immune system is active. When the problem is overcome, the fever will go away.

So not having fever or any symptom after vaccination in my opinion is not a good sign, it might mean that your immune system is not active. I suspect those with very little covid antibodies in their bodies after 2nd dose of the vaccine are people with little or very mild symptoms. These are the people who might need a third dose.

What I did before and after the vaccination?

  1. I make sure my immune system is good. One sign that my immune system is not good is tiredness. If I am too tired, then it is not good. For other signs please watch my video on immunity part 1. So having a good night sleep is important
  1. I took HemoHIM in the morning before my appointment, to give my immunity a boost and to regulate my blood to supply oxygen to my body.
  1. After I took the vaccination, I keep a close watch on my body condition, if I am feeling tired or headache but couldn’t rest at that moment, I will take HemoHIM to help with my symptoms. However, when I felt nausea, I stop taking HemoHIM knowing that my digestive system is not ready for food. I took Finezyme to help with nausea. At the same time, I took Vit C 1000cc every 4 to 6 hours until I recovered. When our immune system is working, it will produce a lot of free radicals and it will need vitamin C to neutralize them. If you are not sure what I am talking about, please watch Immunity part 3.
  1. I didn’t take Panadol as suggested by the health officer. I drank lots of water and wore 3 layers of jackets and rest. No fan at this stage. The perspiration helps to regulate our body temperature and after 6- 8 hours of perspiration, I felt better. I took off the wet jackets and took a warm bath. I went to sleep again with a set of dry clothing. I continue to perspire throughout the night even though the fever is gone. On the third day, I had regained my strength and I took my HemoHIM before food.

Parents with young children

  1. For young children who refuse to bear with the heat, parents will have to sponge them with room temperature water until the fever subsides. However, if the temperature went up to 40 degrees and above, it will be good to use fever suppression medicine like Panadol to bring the temperature down. If it doesn’t work, then used another type of fever suppression after 3 hours (this is advised by our family doctor when our children were young) or any fever relief method, worst case they need a quick cold bath to bring the fever down. After the high fever has come down, then parents have to repeat the sponging process until the fever is gone.  I know this is tough for parents, that is why most of the parents will choose medication.

Food for thought.

The Western and Eastern treat fever very differently. For Western is it using the temperature suppression medication and for Eastern, it is using our body’s natural cooling system through perspiration. Many years back I had a persistent fever for many days, I took Panadol’s and it help to subside the temperature for a few hours but the fever will return. After 3 days of struggling, I finally decided to try out the Eastern method and I was out of fever after 2 -3 hours of perspiration. Since then this is my way to treat fever.

I hope this helps to clarify some misunderstanding that we can fall sick with mRNA vaccination. These are all symptoms of our immune system working. You should be happy if there is a reaction.

Disclaimer: I am sharing this base on my own research and experience. This is not medical advice. Please seek professional help when in doubt.

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  1. Thank you very much for sharing your experience on y having fever after vaccination is a good sign.I believe your knowledge and insight will help to comfort and remove all fear in regards to the vaccine.
    I will take oportunity to share with those who are in need.God bless.

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