What makes a great business?

To make a great business you need to fulfill these 6 criterias

Supply source

Reliable sources is what is lacking in the business world. The manufacturing can stop production due to many reason. Some of the reasons are country stability, economic situation, raw material supply etc. These are the big issues and there are many other small issue with manufacturer to stop production.


Even if you manage to find your supply source, you need it at the cheapest price possible. However, if you are a small business owner or just start up, it is not quite possible as no manufacturer will want to work with you. So you have to go to the distributors or the wholesales. As you can see, it quite impossible to get the best price unless you work with the manufacturer.

Warehouse and Logistics

In order for you to store your goods, you need a warehouse and logistics to move your goods around. That means you need a warehouse space and transportation.


Publicity is a must for your business. If there is no publicity, there will be no exposure and thus no sale.


Even if you can get the first sale, will the customers come back to buy form you again? You can sell a refrigerator to earn a few hundred dollars, but the same customer will probably use it for 10 years before he/she will come back to buy from you, if you are still in business and he/she remembers you.


For a great business, it needs to be scalable. In order to be scalable the business cannot be restricted by location. It needs to be able to expand the business out of the district, city, country and move towards the global sale.

Welcome to Atomy, a great business that is competitive in price, quality of products, sustainability that sells Health, Beauty, Household and food product that everyone needs daily. Furthermore, it is scalable through the online global platform. Delivery and warehousing will be done at company level. Our role is only publicity.

Although it is a simple business, it does take time and hard work to learn how to do this business. For a start, please go through our training pages to learn as much as possible before you start your journey in this business. My advice is to speak to us first, so that we can help you step by step to achieve your goal.