The power to wake up exhausted immunocyte!

HemoHIM and Korean angelica root compound certified for its safety and functionality is a health functional food individually approved by MFDS that may help your immune system.

Product Characteristics / Development                   

  • Patented in Korea, US and 3 European countries, its efficacy is already recognized by many.
  • Made of Korean angelica root, Cnidium officinale Makino, white woodland peony and more cultivated in Korea, the HemoHIM and Korean angelica root compound is a composite plant compound recombined and reconstituted by the Food Engineering Team at KAERI.
  • Human-tested to verify its safety and functionality and individually approved by MFDS, HemoHIM and Korean angelica root compound is a health functional food ingredient that may help improve your immune system.
Development of Atomy HemoHIM
  • Developed by R&D and technology exchange from the Food Biotechnology Team at Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute
  • Developed “Atomy HemoHIM”, a new substance that may help improve immune functions
  • Immune function enhancing effect approved through numerous tests!!

Immune function improvement

What is immunity?

The balanced state of adequate biological defenses to fight infection, disease and other biological invasions by viruses or bacteria. It is the function to prevent harmful germs from entering our bodies.

Immune Function

What is an undesirable immunity?

An immune system that lacks adequate tolerance to avoid allergy.

How do health functional foods for immune system help us?

They favorably regulate or improve immunocytes, accelerate functions that find and remove harmful foreign substances or abnormally deformed cells, and enhance immune system.

What deters maintaining of a good immune function?

Environmental contaminant, stress, instant food, food with trans-fat, cigarettes and alcohol.

What is a healthy immune system?

Naturally carry out the functions that identify and remove harmful substances that entered our body or abnormal cells.



  • Hemo is short for hemoglobin.
  • H is an abbreviation for hematopoiesis (production of blood cells)
  • I is an abbreviation for immune
  • M is an abbreviation for modulation
  • Him also means strength in Korean.

Benefits of HemoHIM

  • strengthen the immune system’s natural functioning to fight various chronic diseases
  • increase stamina as well as to improve general health for everybody
  • NK cell activation – An immune cell which is generated in the human bone marrow to destruct harmful substances to the human body. NK cells can eat cancer cells
  • Cytokine generation improvement – A type of cell playing a central roll in the immune system
  • produce more white blood cell, produce more red blood cell
  • Immunity enhancement – Enhances immunity to maintain health
  • Immune cell activation – Improves human body defence capacity

History of HemoHim Development

  • 8 years of research and development as a national project($5million, 15PH.D & 30 staff) in Food & Biotechnology Team of Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI)
  • Development of Functional Bio-defense Food for people dealing with radiation(KAERI Food & Biotechnology Team/Korea Cancer Center Hospital) – KAERI wanted to protect its workers from harmful effect of radiation and wanted to share its technology and solution, the new substance HemoHim, with the whole world
  • The very first individually approved health functional supplement assisting functions of the immune system (Proven through numerous tests) by Korean FDA. Also approved by USFDA
  • Patented in the United States, 4 major countries of Europe (England, German, France, Italy), as well as Japan and Korea,HemoHIM is continually proving its effect in immunity enhancement USA Patent US06964785 – Herbal composition for improving anticancer activity, immune response and hematopoiesis of the body, and protecting the body from oxidative damage, and the method of preparing the same
  • 159 research papers on this product alone

HemoHIM Plus Consumption Instruction:

  • One packet 20ml twice per day, 60 packets in total per box.
  • Is a liquid, paste-like substance taken orally
  • Tastes a little bitter sweet (similar to prune juice) and most people become accustomed to the taste within a few days. Some people dilute with water or juice, but it is best to take directly.
  • Drinking a cup of warm water after you consume it will help it absorb.
  • Some people show effects right away, but some people take time building immune cells so it is recommended that you finish one box with recommended dosage (twice a day) to see results.
  • Atomy HemoHIM Plus is recommended for the following people.
  • Anyone who wants to boost up immune system and stamina
  • Chronic Disease patients Elders who need energy restoration
  • Workers exhausted from long hours
  • Students that need physical endurance
  • Long-distance drivers
  • House-wives worn out from stress of housework
  • Athletes who consume a lot of physical energy

Animal Experiment

HemoHIM mixed herbal extracts improved the recovery and survival rate of animals with reduced levels of white blood cells and lymphocytes in the peripheral blood. Oral administration of HemoHIm into animals with deficient immunity resulted in significant recovery of the number of white blood cells and lymphocytes, as well as NK cell activation.

As shown in the below diagram HemoHIM+ has been proven to be several times more effective than ginseng products and mushrooms for increasing immune capacity. HemoHIM+ was tested against Jin Sam (A), Hong Sam Red Ginseng (B), and Seonsam ginseng (C). It was also tested against Eungi (D) and Sanghwang (E) mushrooms varieties.