CEO Park Q&A

Session 1 Q1 Is it really OK to randomly say anything about Atomy?

Session 1 Q2 What is the different between ambition and betting?

Session 1 Q3 What if another company copy what Atomy is doing?

Session 1 Q4 What is your opinion on silver spoon, plastic spoon and society classes of people?

Session 2 Q1 Difficulty to work cohesively?

Session 2 Q2 Problem with Focusing on smaller leg?

Session 2 Q3 Doing one leg strategy doesn’t work?

Session 3 Q1 Stock up or no stock up?

Session 3 Q2 Pit Fall of starting center because of education center allowances.

Session 3 Q3 So upset that I have a partner who left for a better line.

Session 4 Q1 What do you think about the impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution that is emerging as a topic on network marketing?

Session 4 Q2 What makes a Good Sponsor?

Session 4 Q3 Why honesty and goodness makes the best policy?

Session 4 Q4 Is it more difficult to do recruiting now since Atomy is so well known?

Session 5 Q1 How to do a good job in duplicating?

Session 5 Q2 Are you CEO Park still writing your life scenario? (Heart of CEO Park)

Session 5 Q3 What do you think about the PIG CLUB?

Session 6 Q1 What is the best way to recruit members?

Session 6 Q2 What is your opinion about using other platform to sell Atomy products?

Session 6 Q3 How long are you trying to maintain the exclusive distribution pricing system?

Session 7 Q1 To put consumer first or giving agent more PV?

Session 7 Q2 How do you cope with rejection and overcome it?

Session 7 Q3 How is your health CEO Park? (Question about Life)

Session 8 Q1 Do you need education to be successful?

Session 8 Q2 Leadership Vs Fellowship

Session 8 Q3 If you aren’t crazy, you can’t reach your goals?

Session 8 Q4 Atomy On TV?

Session 9 Q1 What is a good way to envision our future?

Session 9 Q2 How to advise members who are under authoritarian sponsors?

Session 9 Q3 What is Atomy College?

Session 9 Q4 Account Number #9 reach Star Master in 10 Years?

Session 10 Q1 Where do you get the “Management Know How”?

Session 10 Q2 How to be a good Team Manager?

Session 10 Q3 Why are you given the nick name “Dreamy”?

Session 10 Q4 Details of China Market Opening.

Session 11 Q1 Why did you change the promotion condition?

Session 11 Q2 In Atomy earlier day, why are you teaching day and night?

Session 12 Q1 Is it true that you wrote the lyric of Atomy song?

Session 12 Q2 What is curate strategy?

Session 12 Q3 Advantage & disadvantage of high and low PV?

Session 13 Q1 There are many Company copying Atomy strategy, what is your solution?

Session 13 Q2 Why are your nickname “Manager Park”?

Session 14 Q1 How is Mexico and USA market condition?

Session 14 Q2 What kind of social responsibility should Atomy fulfill?

Session 14 Q3 What are the important factors in making Atomy into a 100 years’ company?

Session 14 Q4 What kind of dream are you envisioning for Atomy future?

Session 16 Q1 What is Atomy most important task in year 2018?

Session 16 Q2 Will Atomy launch intangible products such as Credit Card and Insurance services?

Session 17 Q1 How to explain Atomy to the center’s new comers?

Session 18 Q1 What was the reason why you created Atomy Pins?

Session 18 Q2 Tell us is there any projects conducted regarding Global Sourcing Global Sale?

Session 20 Q1 In the earlier day What do you think made Atomy successful?

Session 20 Q2 How are you achieving one of Atomy’s objective to be a distribution hub?