Hemohim Video Testimonies

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Dr. Scott is a biomedical scientist, he work in the field of biomedical electronics and nutrition. His explanation of HemoHIM is very good. He shared his experience how he used it on a dog who had cancer and recover from it. He also shared his biomedical pic of the dog before and after using HemoHIM.
Ms. Ofelia Tordesillas is a Pediatrician, graduated from USA College of Medicine in 1974, have been in practice for 40 years and semi retire. She got to know Atomy and try out HemoHIM herself and try out with her patients. She shared about one of her patient recovering from low blood count. Photos of medical results was shown.  
Arteritis hit Jane and she was bed ridden for 1 month. She suffered for 5 years and was getting depressed and thinking her life was over. A friend recommends her to take HemoHIM. She took HemoHIM and experienced recovery symptoms….
Ear Infection for 3 years and recovered.
Hemohim Testimony on Stage 4 Breast Cancer Metastasized to The Bones, Kidneys, Lungs, Ribs & Liver
How HemoHim helps cancer patients Tesimony by Atomy Star Master Florence Lindor
Atomy| HemoHim | HemoHim Testimonial for Cancer In India | Best Results of HemoHim
Sam suffered from a stroke 6 months ago and was hospitalized. He was paralyzed on his right body. While in hospital, a patient in the same ward introduces him HemoHIM, He took his 1st pack while in ICU, …………………. After he discharges from the hospital and after hearing many stories and testimonies, he finally took 3 packages per day, and soon he didn’t have to walk with his crutches.