For a good calcium absorption, we need Magnesium, Vit D and Vit K. Watch this video, Dr Berg is a nutritionist that I follow closely for his advice.

This video will solve most of our doubt regarding Atomy Calcium.

According to Dr. Berg, most calcium supplement are made from Calcium Carbonate and that is why it is so cheap and cause “stone” in kidney.

Here is a article by US National institute of health
read “ What kinds of calcium dietary supplements are available?

And read this “what is Calcium Carbonate”

Although most website recommendation of calcium intake is 1000mg to 1200mg. Would Health Organization (WHO) recommendation is 400-500mg.

I learn one thing through my research into eg. Probiotic and Vit C…., I am amazed that Kolmar didn’t just give us the stated ingredient, e.g probiotic not only 13 strains of bacteria but lots of prebiotic as food for the good Bacteria and herbs for our stomach mucus as a total solution. So likewise Atomy Calcium has Magnesium, Vit D and Vit K for the complete solution for the absorption rather than cheap Calcium carbonate that will cause more health issue than benefit.

Calcium from fresh milk is highly recommended by most nutritionist and Atomy calcium source is from Milk.