Top 10 companies with less than 1% Top salespeople 12,208 (trillion)

The Fair Trade Commission disclosed major information such as 2016 sales, number of salespeople, and sponsorship allowance payments of 124 multi-level sales companies. In 2016, the number of multi-level companies subject to information disclosure was 124, down 4 from last year. 
The volume of sales in the multi-level sales market was also KRW 5.13 trillion, down 0.4% from last year. The top 10 companies in sales were Amway Korea, Atomy, Nu Skin Korea, Unicity Korea, Herbalife Korea, Bom Korea, Secret Direct Korea, AC&Korea, Apool, and Afrozone. These sales amounted to KRW 3.62 trillion, up 0.04% from last year. It means that companies other than the top 10 have suffered. 

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