The Answer is in the Question.

Why should we ask questions?

As you grow your Atomy business, consumers (non-member) who learn about Atomy’s good quality products, will want to buy products from you because they know that you are doing Atomy as a Business. Do your best to sign them up as members in their first cash purchase. However, some will refuse to sign up as members due to various reasons. We will share on some tips how to sign them up as members in another post. Whether they are members or non-member, as long as they are getting products from you, they are considered as Cash Consumers. 

I realized that as the number of Cash Consumers increased, we became busy with ordering and delivery that our speed and energy to recruit members became affected. After much thought, we realize that such Cash Consumers treat us like a salesman. Salesmen don’t usually ask questions. If you walk into a pharmacy or any shop and ask for a product, they will pass you a product and that is the end of sales. You will buy the same product from any other shop at your convenience. There is no brand or shop loyalty.

A simple solution to overcome this is by asking questions.

For Cash Consumers, a good and simple question will set you apart from another salesman. A question will show that you care and you are professional. The question also will ensure that the consumer gets the correct product based on their real need. When we start to ask questions, we realize that some consumers wanted to buy products that are not suitable for them. Of course, I am not expecting every new agent to have all the product knowledge, as this is only possible with time and experience. However, the early we pick up our courage to ask questions, the earlier we will differentiate ourselves from others.

A typical conversation looks like this.

Consumer: Hi Alvin, can I have a Vitamin C

Me: Sure, who is it for? (Question 1)

Consumer: for my son

Me: oh what happen to him that he need Vitamin C? (Question 2)

Consumer: He is having flu and I heard Vitamin C can help.

Me: Oh yes Vitamin C can help. (Usually, I will give a few more tips on how to use the products.)

Consumer: Oh thanks for the advice

Me: Sure. Please share your experience with us after using the product. 

A simple question that can lead to a conversation shows your professionalism and your care. This Cash Consumer will come back to you for more products and you will have a chance to encourage them to sign as members again (encouragement should be attempted on every Cash Purchase), teach them to order using the app, and help them to achieve minimum delivery order to send to their place.

Ultimately this is the kind of member we want, a person who knows how to order products online themselves to send to their place. Only then can we can achieve a true passive income from Atomy.

Although this might not be easy for new agents, but you need to have this in mind when you started off so that you can slowly work toward it. Of course having Cash Consumers is good for a start as you have the PV to give yourself the best ultimate match, however as you grow the business, you have to move beyond that if you want true passive income. If not, you will use up your time to do delivery and you will face a bottleneck in your business.

If the consumer wants a product that you are not sure of the application, you don’t have to reject the sale. Just use the same question to find out more from the consumer, then go to the Atomy website to find out whether it is for the right application if you can’t find the answer on the Atomy website. Ask GOOGLE. If you still cannot find your answer, please contact your upline for help.

If the application is wrong, please contact the consumer to follow up on your finding. If the consumer still wants to go ahead with the purchase, at least you have done your part to advise. Such service will also establish you to be a trusted agent which is display in your professionalism.  

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