Skin Care Home Party SOP

Items checkMake sure all items are available Below are the 3 items you need to purchase from Atomy Sg Website if you do not already have them at home.  

1. Evening Care Set @$47/=  

2️. Hydra Brightening Set @ $63/=  

3️. Sunscreen @ $11.50

can use this or any of your current Atomy Sunscreen.  

Other essential items:

1. Cotton Pads (optional)
2. Facial Tissues
3. Cleansing Wipes
4. Foaming Net
5. 2 basins
6. Mirror
7. A brush or mask applicator (optional)
8. Hairband/ Shower cap

p.s. Those of you or have participant with sensitive skin may need to have Calming Care Special set
CH.Atomy Demo

Dear all, This is a good video I found in CH.Atomy in Atomy Canada.   Start watching from 5.30 mins onwards to familiarise and practice the correct way to do the 4 items in Evening Care Set before this Saturday Home Party so that you’ll be able to guide those you’ve invited to your place👌🏻
Detail for a good routinePlease take note of these little detail for a good routine  

Step 1️⃣ – Deep Cleanser
▪️ Dry hands and face.
▪️ Wait for a min for Deep Cleanser to emulsify before we start to massage.
Step 2️⃣ – Foam Cleanser
▪️ Clean/ wash oil from hands properly after using Deep Cleanser. Otherwise, foaming will be affected. 
▪️ Use a foaming net. It will foam better
▪️ A pea size will do
Add 1 to 2 drops of water when you feel that the foam is too dry
Step 3️⃣ – Peeling Gel
▪️ 3 DRY: Hand, face and environment.
▪️ After application, move out of the bathroom to a less humid place for it to dry a little.
▪️ Gently massage from chin upwards when it is 70% dry. If it is too dry and nothing appear, apply a little Peeling Gel at the tip of your fingertip and try massaging again.

Step 4️⃣ – Peel Off Mask
▪️ DO NOT rub the mask during application.
▪️ Apply in the SAME DIRECTION i.e. chin to forehead (down to up), nose to cheek (inside out).
▪️ Close the gap so that the mask can be peel off as 1 piece.
▪️ Thickness of mask should be sufficient to cover the skin.
Too thin = difficult to peel off as one piece
Too thick = mask will drip down
(should ideally be in a lying down position when mask is drying).
Step 🅰️
Hydra Brightening Capsule Essence
3 or more layers depending individual skin condition.
Step 🅱️
Hydra Brightening Cream
1 layer

These are how we can prepare our Skin Care DIY station.