What is health? This question is a million-dollar question. After I lost a loved one who was a perfectly health conscience girl due to cancer about 20 years ago. At an age (28) where most of us would think that health was at our peak, she found herself to have 4th stage lung cancer and pass on within 6 months. Ever since, I would read anything that was cancer related.

The question “What is Health” was even more pressing after I had a young family. There was once our whole family was sick one after another for over a month. The bacteria kept cross transmitting from one to another. Finally, after various visitations to our family doctor, she finally called the shot for the whole family to be on antibiotics. And that helped my young family recovered together. This gave me a hint, if one of my family member is sick, the rest are not safe.

Another incident cause me to re-think “What is Health”. Was when I was down with a bacteria infection for many months. I only manage to recover fully after 3 courses of antibiotics, and that was what I guess I could classify it as Super bug. After knowing what is super bug (bacteria that are able to resist antibiotics) was, I began in my search for alternate remedies. I managed to find some good Chinese herbs that able to curb the bacteria, but after 2 years, the herbs seemed to lose it effectiveness to fight Bacteria Infections. And I was back on antibiotics once again.

Everything changed for us three years ago, when we were introduced to Atomy. My children and I haven’t seen a doctor for the past 3 years after taking Atomy’s Health Supplements.

Finally, I am able to answer the question “What is Health?”. Health is having a strong immunity that can protect us from getting sick, including “Cancer” and all other modernised diseases.

Atomy has excellent health supplements that have helped many consumers regain their health all over the world now. I highly recommend health supplement like HemoHIM, Vitamin C and Probiotic 10+ as they are well received by many consumers and which, if you are looking for way to bullet proof your immune system.

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