How to find a suitable Hair shampoo from the Atomy haircare range.

Atomy Herbal shampoo 

Finding a suitable hair care product can be tricky and most relied on trial-and-error methods. Hopefully, this page can help members has a better understanding of Atomy hair care product range and how to find the right one for your hair care. : Atomy Herbal Hair Shampoo 500 Ml : Beauty & Personal Care

Atomy most basic hair shampoo will be Atomy Herbal shampoo. (However, pls note that all other hair care products are herbal base as well). This shampoo serves the basic function of good clean hair. It has 10% Saengmodan formula and HGSC complex (pls google to find out more) that promotes hair growth.

Smell and after wash feeling: The shampoo has a strong herbal smell and it cleans the hair very well and leave you to feel that your hair is lighter.

Recommendation: Recommended for people with oily hair due to sport, hot working environment, adolescence with no other issue.

Caution: People with dry hair can try but if hair becomes too dry you may need to supplement it with hair conditional.

Atomy Scalpcare Shampoo

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This shampoo was launched to help people with scalp issues and badly clogged scalp pores. It cleanses the hair well and at the same time, there are herbs to treat common scalp issues.

Smell and after wash feeling: It has a minty peppermint smell, and it leaves you a cooling minty, sweet fresh after wash feeling.

Recommendation: Recommended for people with dandruff and scalp issues e.g itchy scalp, redness, rashes etc

Caution: Once the issue is solved or there is no symptom of the problem, it is better to try Herbal shampoo or Absolute Shampoo. If the problem comes back, you can use this shampoo to treat the problem again. However, if the problem persists, then probably you will need to seek medical help with the problem.

If your hair feels a bit dry and stiff after using it, you should supplement it with a scalpcare conditional.

Atomy Absolute Shampoo

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Absolute shampoo is the top of the range of Atomy hair care.  This shampoo is developed to fight hair loss. It has both the attribute of herbal shampoo and Scalpcare shampoo and on top of that, it has herbs to fight hair loss due to stress. The greatest attribute of Absolute shampoo is to promote blood circulation to our scalp which will in turn help to distribute essential nutrients and oxygen to our scalp.

Smell and after wash feeling: It has a light herbal fragrance smell. Hair feels clean, moist, and refreshing.

Recommendation: Recommended for people with hair loss issues or for people who want the best care for their hair and scalp at the same time.

Note: Hair Loss can be due to a lot of conditional e.g stress, medication, if the cause of the hair loss is not addressed or removed, Absolute Shampoo can help to slow down hair loss problem. We have many testimonies that Absolute shampoo helps to improve hair loss including my own testimony.

To promote hair growth

Although Absolute helps to reduce hair loss, to promote hair growth, our scalp needs extra help.

Atomy Saengmodan (生毛丹) Hair Tonic

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As the name stated this spray is to supple tonic to the scalp to promote hair growth.

Used Instruction: After washing hair and drying hair with a towel, apply sparingly on the scalp and massage your scalp with fingertips (not fingernail).

After feeling is a bit cooling.

Note: Don’t have to blow dry your hair or scalp before applying it as a moist scalp will help with the absorption as compared to a dry scalp.

Tips: Atomy Hair tonic can be used as a mild hair setting solution. After applying you can comb your hair. For short hair it will keep the style for a while. The best is that it will not leave a sticky feeling on your hair like other gel or wax products.

Atomy Saw palmetto

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Although Saw Palmetto main purpose is to promote prostate health and stamina, it helps to promote hair growth as well. For men who are suffering from hair loss, usually, they are in sub-health condition also, as such this is a good supplement to take for men.

For damage hair

Atomy Protein Intensive Shampoo

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Protein Intensive shampoo is developed to help people with

  1. damage hair that splits and breaks due to frequent dyeing and perms.
  2. Tangled hair with no shine that hard to brush
  3. Frizzy and dry hair due to daily use of hair dryers and straighteners
  4. Hair that need intensive care

Smell: It has a slight minty smell and colorless in color

Caution: Once the issue is solved or there is no symptom of the problem, it is better to try Herbal shampoo or Absolute Shampoo. If the problem persists, you can add on Atomy protein intensive treatment to help to improved your hair condition. Always revert to basic shampoo after the issue is solved. However, for easier treatment, please try Atomy Silk Protein Hair Essence for intensive repair.

Atomy Silk Protein Hair Essence

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This product contain protein that is key to restore damaged hair and preventing hair damage by bring moisture, vitality, health to dry coarse and damage hair. It is not a replacement for the protein intensive shampoo but it can be a replacement for the protein intensive treatment

As it contains real protein essence, it can be used generously without needing to be rinsed out.

Pump out the foam onto the hand and apply it to the hair after washing.

Smell and feel: It has the fragrance of a bouquet of white flowers with cooling minty smell and feeling after applying it.