A member asked: Can we take antibiotics along with HemoHIM?

Yes, although it is fine to take antibiotics along with HemoHIM, I recommend separating them by 3 hrs. here is the reason.

The antibiotic primary was invented to eliminate bacteria. So, it is common for doctors to prescribe antibiotics if you have a Bacteria infection. So, when we take antibiotics, the drug will start to kill the bacteria, and you will start to feel better, if you have a very painful sore throat, the pain will subside a little. However, after 3 hrs or more, the drug will start to wear out and usually, the prescription will require us the take another dosage at 6 hrs or 8 hrs. so that the drug can continue to kill the bacteria. However, if you didn’t take another dosage, the bacteria will reproduce and gain more ground and the pain will come back. So, when I feel the pain coming back, that will signal me to take another dosage. That is why it is important to keep to the timing of the prescription and finish the whole prescribe dosage.

By right when we are infected with Bacteria, our immune cells (white blood cells) will start to kill the bacteria. However, sometimes our immune cells can be slow due to exhaustion, and the bacteria get the upper hand, so we fall sick.

So when we take HemoHIM, it doesn’t kill the bacteria directly. It actually strengthens your immunity by helping your body to produce more red and white blood cells. It will also activate the white blood cell to be more active. With more active white blood, it will help to accelerate the killing of the bacteria. Like the antibiotic, the killing will slow down as our white blood cells will die after killing the bacteria. So, taking another sachet will help with another round of producing more white blood cells to do the killing. So, in this aspect antibiotic and HemoHIM has some similarity.

So after 3hrs when the antibiotic started to wear out, taking HemoHIM will help to activate and strengthen our immune cells to do the killing before it is time for you to take another dosage of the antibiotic. If you alternate antibiotics and HemoHIM, in this aspect you will recover faster.  

From my experience, when I am taking the antibiotic, I usually needed at least 3 days to recover, at least don’t feel the throat painful (a sign of recovery). 4 years ago, I only used HemoHIM as my main supplement, I took 1 sachet every 3 hrs, and after 5 to 6 sachets, I will almost fully recover within 1 day as the pain in my throat was gone.  I continue to work the next day. From then on HemoHIM and then later vitamin C are the supplement that I will use to combat bacterial infection. I stopped taking antibiotics 4 years ago.

Antibiotic has one major drawback, it will kill all bacteria in our body, both the good and the bad bacteria. So in the long run, although you recover from the bacteria infection you have weakened your gut health (your good bacteria) which is part of your immune system. The reason why a lot of people suddenly has all kind of allergy is primarily due to poor gut health because of the years of taking antibiotics. Another reason why a lot of people have poor bowel frequency nowadays especially old people. So my advice is to try to reduce taking antibiotics and you will find that your health will improve.

Lastly, if you are taking antibiotics, it is a good idea to increase your dosage of probiotics for 2 to 4 weeks to grow back the good bacteria in your gut. Additionally, taking vitamin C will help prolong the life of your immune cell, so take vitamin C as well.

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